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Ricardo Chavez


"Keep your goals close to your heart and your mind so you don’t lose focus." - Ricardo Chavez

                                               in Chicago, my family and I moved to Puerto Rico when I was a child, where I was raised for some time. After some years my family decided to take their lives to South Florida & Orlando where I grew up to become the man who I am now. 

I was always interested in barbering growing up but I never took that step to become one. Then something changed in my life, I lost my job as an electrician when the economy crashed. I started doing small gigs for barbering while working other jobs, I had to hustle to pay my bills. I started to realize not only my passion for being a barber started to grow but the financial gain I received from being a barber opened up my eyes, that I had a real career opportunity right in front of me.


I became a barber because it's a gift that God gave me, and ever since it has been giving me so many new opportunities that have changed my life in a positive way. Not everything in my journey was perfect, I had my ups and downs throughout my career as a barber. There have been times where I questioned my career and even thought about giving up my dream. The relationships that I have built and the doors that have opened for me, kept the passion burning for my dream.


After years of working at different barbershops, I took the opportunity to become a barber instructor at the Paul Mitchell in the school in Orlando and the Hollywood Beauty Institute. I also got the chance to travel with El Patron's men grooming products and do platform work at different hair stylist events. During all these amazing experiences I was blessed with the chance to my own shop in 2014. From that REVAMP BARBERSHOP was born. The lesson to be learned is that hardships and obstacles will always come with achieving your dream & becoming a business owner.



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